Top 4 Best Gaming Tvs

If you are trying to find a high quality gaming Tv, then you have come to the right place because today we will help find the best Tv gaming that can suit your needs. Although the initial price tags of these gaming Tvs are pretty high, they are worth every penny. Read this following article if you want to find out which are the top 5 gaming Tvs.

Sony KDL-50W829

What makes the 50-inch Sony KDL-50W829 gaming Tv the most popular choice among other types is the fact that for such a low price tag of $800 it provides breathtaking HD pictures. The fact that it takes only 19ms to render pictures makes it even more amazing, because this solely aspect can help your performance in fast-reaction games, which is exactly what you are expecting to get from a high quality TV like this model. Because it provides excellent contrast, motion reproduction and color for the game images you can play popular games that have high requirements.

Sony KD-65X9005B

The Sony KD-65X9005B usually retails for $4,000, but you can find larger discounts if you search online. This particular model delivers 4k picture, a feature that you might expect to get from gaming Tvs that sell around $6,000, so this is definitely a plus. Moreover, what’s important to mention here is the fact that the Sony KD-65X9005B is considered to have the most powerful integrated sound in the world of televisions. When playing a good game, it’s important to have a good sound quality, otherwise you might want to invest in an additional good pair of speakers. It comes with a low input of 33ms too, which is also considered to be one of its strongest points.

Samsung UE65JS9500

If you have a high budget and you can afford spending more money on a good Tv, then you might want to take a look at the Samsung UE65JS9500. With a 4k resolution and incredible HDR(which stands for high dynamic range) contrast and color support, this particular model is one of the best choices for gaming, as it provides the ultimate gaming experience. At a price tag of $8,000 it totally delivers the results you are trying to get. The fact that it’s capable of delivering high quality images and sound with an input lag of 30ms it’s another major reason why the Samsung UE65JS9500 is worth every penny.

Sony KDL-40W605

If for now, you can’t afford spending more money on a gaming Tv, you can consider getting a 40-inch size Tv like the Sony KDL-40W605. This gaming television costs around $500, making it the cheapest gaming Tv in our today’s list. Although it doesn’t perform as well as our previous top choices, it has a low input lag of just 33ms. Moreover, Sony’s color and contrast are well balanced so you won’t face any difficulties trying to get the best image quality for your game.