Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Those who want a gadget that includes the latest specifications must carefully compare the two products and consider differences. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are similar rather than different but each console still comes with some pros and cons. To learn more about these two gadgets, read the following article.


Design wise, the PlayStation 4 is very user-friendly in the sense that it is more compact and light weighted than the Xbox One. Measuring just 10.8” x 2”x 12”, you will not have any problems trying to fit this system on your coffee table or any other surface. If you are planning to place your Xbox behind your Tv so that it’s not as noticeable, keep in mind that this unit comes with a large power brick along the cabling so it will be more difficult when trying to arrange the wires. The Sony PS4 on the contrary, comes with a single power cable that runs from the console to the socket without the need of a power brick, which makes it extremely easy to install. On the design side, the Xbox is bigger and heavier, but both have glossy appearance. PlayStation 4 seems a better choice, in terms of specifications, but it needs a camera accessory, which costs 59 US dollars.

Connectivity options

What’s the point of investing a lot of money in a new console when you can’t connect it to your TV? The XBOX One is considered to be a better option when it comes to connectivity options because it includes three USB ports. The PS4 comes with only 2 USB ports along with the Blu-ray disc drive. At the PS4 you will also get the disc eject buttons and the power cord along with a power port at the bottom left-hand corner and Ethernet, AUX and HDMI ports that are located on the top row.

Software and hardware

There are no big differences between the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it comes to hardware. Both systems have eight-core processor and 8GB of RAM each. Sony has done a good job with the PS4 system software that is sensitive and functional. Microsoft, however, has made the operating system of Xbox One more innovative. Both systems have their flaws and both have plenty of room for improvements, but Xbox One shortcut combination and voice controlled applications have much more to offer than the Sony software.

Online services

The Xbox Live version of the previous generation Xbox 360 offers an online experience superior to that of the PlayStation 3, but in the rush for fun, Microsoft has omitted many of the basic features of Xbox Live, including friends list, chat and other accomplishments that and were once the center of the system. Meanwhile Sony has improved every aspect of the online component, so it’s very easy to share things online with the PS4. In addition, there is no need for a premium account to use many applications as needed as in the case of the Xbox One.