Best Virtual Reality Gadgets

If you are a technology lover, then you definitely know what are the latest news in this domain, and you probably already have most of the products that are available on the market nowadays. However, you will definitely find very interesting this article as it presents some of the best virtual reality gadgets.

Control VR

Control VR is a super cool gadget that will permit you to use the hand in order to interact with any virtual reality. This wearable technology will certainly allow you to be creative and feel immersed as well in any virtual reality you choose to play with. Control VR will definitely offer you amazing moments, and it is worth having a device like this in your home, especially if you are a gamer.

Oculus Rift

This wonderful device will send you to a virtual world as soon as you wear it. It has been released recently and it already has millions of fans. Basically, Oculus Rift can be the perfect choice for gamers all over the world, but it can also be used for virtual tours or conferences, which is absolutely amazing. A device like this is not a very expensive one, and it will definitely be to everybody’s liking as it has a lot to offer.

The Manus

This incredible pair of gaming gloves will not only detect, but it will also display the player’s hand in virtual reality. Once they are in the VR game, they will start to respond in many different ways, depending on how you move your hands. The clever motion sensors will easily track the hand movement, and the data will be sent to an open source software via WiFi. Furthermore, your fingers are also tracked by some intelligent flex sensors which are integrated into the material. All in all, the Manus is without a doubt a clever gadget that all gamers should have.


If a flight simulator is what you would like to have, then Birdly is without a doubt exactly what you need. It is absolutely amazing and it will offer you the most incredible virtual experience ever. You will actually feel that you fly like a bird, which will be absolutely spectacular. The device works with Oculus Rift, and you will be able to pump both wings with just a bit of effort. Furthermore, you will feel the ”wind” due to the attached fan that will give you this sensation. All in all, Birdly will certainly offer you some enjoyable moments.