Advantages of Buying a Futuristic Dyson Tower Fan

When you first see the Dyson tower fan, you can’t help but be amazed by the stunning shape that really makes it stand out. This stylish fan can add a breeze of cool air to your home while complementing its interior design with its futuristic shape that perfectly blends into a modern decor. It is without a doubt, the top rated tower fan in 2016. However, the style and innovation come at a price that makes you wonder whether or not this tower fan is a good investment. To help you make up your mind, we show you which are the advantages of buying a Dyson tower fan.

It’s stylish

This futuristic tower fan comes in the most interesting and attractive shape you will ever see in a room cooling fan. Not only it manages to cool your home but it also enhances its aspect and it makes for a great decoration. If your home is decorated in a modern or minimalist style that doesn’t integrate the other tower fan designs, Dyson tower fans are the perfect addition to your home. The unique shape looks more like a sculpture than an appliance and it complements the interior design of the most modern rooms. Plus, they come in a wide range of color combinations to match any interior style.

It’s innovative

When you first look at these fans, you can’t really say they are a fan because you don’t see any blades. This is because Dyson tower fans are designed with the latest technology in creating cool air, which is the Air Multiplier technology that delivers cool air without the need of blades. How is that possible? By capturing the surrounding air, amplifying it, and turning it into an uninterrupted stream of air. With this tower fan, you can enjoy a smooth flow of cool air without having to sit in front of rotating blades.

It’s safe

Not having blades makes the Dyson tower fan extremely safe to use around children. We all know how curious children are and how tempting a rotating fan is to them and sticking their fingers in the blades is very painful and dangerous. This danger goes away with the Dyson tower fan as there are no blades to rotate and pose a risk to the safety of children and even pets.

It’s quiet

Most tower fans are noisy and can be disturbing while you are working or sleeping, but not the Dyson. The lack of rotating blades makes the Dyson tower fan much quieter than the other blades because you won’t be hearing the annoying sound of blades cutting the air. These tower fans have been awarded by the Noise Abatement Society thanks to their improved sound quality and the silent operating.