Powerteam International – One of the most advanced logistics companies in the industry

Powerteam International is one of the largest logistics operators on the market, featuring an array of extraordinary services, provided with the help of some cutting-edge technology. The Shipping Management System with which the company is equipped makes the whole sending and receiving process a breeze, for all company’s clients. The company targets its services at all kinds of clients, business or final consumers, and works to provide the same increased quality for all.

Through its complex internal processes and strategies, the company is able nowadays to offer an array of services: from logistics services to mail forwarding services to consultancy services and quality control services. Besides, the company puts an enormous accent on privacy and parcel security matters, making out of these aspects of the business highly valued ones.

The Transportation Management System is a highly valued resource that the company is currently having, being oftentimes referred to as its core. A flawless communication is provided, with all the carriers the company is collaborating with. Changes to the delivery time and address are also possible, thanks to this advanced system. Depending on each client’s needs, orders can be delayed, delivered to another address, at client’s request. Also, the pride of the company is the smart communication interface. Although there is available an email address to get in touch with the company, a far more effective system is masterfully implemented. The EDI interface allows an easy communication process between all the parties involved.

Given the fact that the company has a flexible shipment schedule, it can easily accommodate each client’s needs – private consumer or business consumer.

All clients can lay back and relax knowing that at Powerteam International, everything is carefully handled and closely followed by the skilful and very professional teams. Tracking the parcel’s itinerary is also incredibly easy, a simple scan of the barcode provided being enough.

The company is also offering an array of consultancy services, suitable for all business clients in need of warehouse redesigning projects. To perfect the workflow in their warehouses, the team at Powerteam International will closely observe the layout and make pertinent recommendations regarding the improvements needed. More than this, the quality control services in this particular company’s case make out of it a celebrity on the US market. Ever since the company appeared on the market, increased precautions against any type of loss have been taken. The inventory management tool is a highly advanced one, making it possible for the company to offer extraordinary quality control services. Maybe this is one of the reasons for which Amazon retailers choose its services.

The official webpage, Parsendo.com, holds plenty of information in terms of services offered, benefits and advantages for both business and private partners and clients. Also, more information on the extraordinary systems used by the company can be found. Regardless of their needs, clients should make sure to check out the official webpage and find the exact service or combination of services that they need. Most likely, the advanced technology and cutting-edge system will please them enough.