Find the different types of metal detectors available on the market

If this is the first metal detector you are purchasing, then you might not know exactly what you should be looking for. When analyzing them you might have the impression that all of them feature the same characteristics, the only difference being that they look different and they are listed at varied prices. Well, you should know that on the market, there are different types of metal detectors, and they are designed to be used in different circumstances and by different people. Here are the main details you should know, when you start looking for a bounty hunter detector.

Metal detectors for children

Because more and more parents purchase these devices for their children, finding it a way of helping them develop important skills, and growing healthy, manufacturers designed some special devices, which should be used only by this category of people. They are lighter in weight, shorter than the ones designed for adults, and they do not have so many features the others do. This does not meant that they are not able to find different types of metal items, because adults, who do not want to invest large amounts of money in a metal detector, and who use them only as a hobby, also purchase them. Because they do not have so many features as the others do, these models could be purchased at affordable prices.

Waterproof detectors

This type of detectors, as its name states, is designed for being used in safety terms in wet places. Some of them are also created for being used only underwater, and they are the perfect tool, for the persons who like diving, and want to combine their hobby, with one that would also bring them money. Because people lose so many items while swimming, passionate divers know that metal hunting, would help them pay for their hobbies. The standard detectors could be used in wet places, but they could not be sink under the water, because they might broke. These special one are designed from materials, which protect the technology, and this is why you might find them at some high prices on the market.

Discriminator detectors

The majority of manufacturers state that the products they are listing on the market are able to differentiate between different types of metals, and they have this function included in the technology incorporated. But professional hunters do not purchase standard metal detectors when they want to use only gold items, because they know that for finding valuable items, they have to spend some money. In addition, it is stated that the most valuable metal things are placed deep in the ground, and the classic metal detectors are not able to reach those distances. However, these discriminator detectors have the power to detect metals that are buried at a few meters underground. They are considered the best from the metal detector line and they are especially purchased by professionals because they are listed at higher prices.