How is video tech useful in the recruitment process?

It is generally agreed that technology has brought significant changes in all possible domains. All those gadgets and tech tools that have made their way on the market prove to be quite useful though, and they are making people’s lives easier. For instance, video tech can be quite useful and time-effective in the recruitment process. Agencies that provide staffing solutions Toronto have integrated video tech in their recruitment process and the results are extraordinary. Here is how video tech can actually make recruitment processes a lot easier.

Video – a good screening tool

One of the most important parts of the recruiting process is screening the job candidates. Many agents agree that this is seemingly endless and an exhausting task, but it is a mandatory one as well. They have to call each candidate, ask them a series of questions over the phone and carefully analyse their answers in order to determine which candidates fit the selecting criteria. This can take a great deal of time. Using videos, agents can actually scree ten candidates in the same amount of time they needed to perform a phone screen. Agents can create a list of questions and send it to candidates. They will create a video where they will answer those questions. The best thing about it is that the agent can watch those videos from anywhere at any time.

A marketing tool

It is commonly known that visual information manages to reach more people in shorter time than written information. Videos can be used as a marketing tool. Candidates can promote themselves using these videos. Instead of resorting to the traditional ways of applying for the job they want, they can opt for recording a short video in which they present themselves and outline some of their skills and qualities. This is a great method for recruiters to know their candidates even better, because they can see their reactions, how they behave during the video, which makes the screening process a lot easier. It is true that video resumes are quite a new concept, but it is rapidly increasing.

Candidate engagement tool

Another great method to use video tech in a recruitment agency is to attract talent. In order to make high quality job placements and please your clients, you, as an agent, should not look only for candidates that just fit the job, but also the company’s culture. You can ask your clients to make a short video, in which they present their company, their products and services, their brand and, most important, their culture. Video can be used by the agency to attract job seekers and actually see which candidate would best fit within that company’s culture. What is more, this video can also be a valuable addition to your agency, because you can add it to your portfolio.

Overall, these are the main methods in which video tech can make things easier within a recruitment agency. It is the era of rush and competitors are always pushing forward and looking for innovative ways to attract more clients.