Facts you should know about cloud backup

More and more companies choose online cloud backup over traditional methods owing to the fact that they are more secure and reliable. Online cloud services are by far one of the most effective methods for keeping amounts of corporate information safe. You do not have to automatically save your files, not to mention that the online backup service is built around your company software, so the solution is fully integrated into your business. If you are taking into consideration switching to a cloud-based backup system, then you definitely need to visit http://www.ceejay.com. In order to better understand the role of the cloud backup solution in your company, you should read the following facts.

The difference between public, private and hybrid cloud

In order to determine what kind of backup service will benefit you the most, it is important to understand the types of cloud models that exist. There are three main types of cloud solutions: public, private and hybrid. A public cloud is a service that is made available to the general public over the Web. This managed solution is adaptable to the computer and storage needs of all users. On the other hand, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organisation. While the private cloud delivers similar advantages to public clouds, its architecture is specifically designed for corporate use. Last but not least, a hybrid cloud is represents a combination between a public and private cloud. In other words, it links two data centres. This service performs different functions within the same company.

Important features of cloud backup service

If you are activating in the corporate world, there will surely be situations when you will have to download the company files to an external drive. You may need to update the data for further use and having an export option is thus highly important. If your service provider cannot offer this feature, then you need to choose one that can meet your needs and requirements. Another thing to pay attention to is storage. Figure out how much storage you will need in order to stay within your budget. Take into account the number of computers and the volume. Last but not least, look into the backup regularity. If you have, say, a SEO business, you should have assurance that the latest versions are backed up.

How a cloud backup solution is implemented

Although the process of implementing a cloud backup service is not the same for every business, there are some aspects that do not change. For starters, the company will take into consideration the specific needs of your organisation. Aspects like remote offices or mobile devices are evaluated in order to determine which solution is best. The backup solution will allow you to use the existing infrastructure to its maximum potential and once the solution is implemented you will not have to worry about maintenance. When entrusting your business operation to a provider, you have to be sure that they have expertise. After all, you would not want the solution fail you when you need it the most.