Cool gadgets for all tech lovers – Levitating speakers

When it comes to presents for tech lovers, we all know it from before. It has to be something cool, innovative and certainly, something they miss from their gadget collection. Quite requested on the market right not are some levitating balls, intelligent enough to emit sound. Exactly, we are talking about levitating speakers. They come in numerous shapes, but they can surely levitate. Let’s be honest, besides the high quality sound they have, being able to pass a piece of paper or your palm between your speaker and the base is impressive indeed. Therefore, make sure you have a look around on websites like and pick the best birthday present for that techy friend of yours. However, below are some reasons these might be one of the best investments for tech lovers.

High quality sound

Small as they are, they have an impressive volume, able to fill an average sized room. In addition, the fact that they do not physically touch the base or other items enables them to have a much clearer sound than traditional speakers. This is because they don’t resonate with the materials from which, tables, for example, are made of. Able to emit sound at 360 degree, it will be an even sound, regardless of your orientation from them. The quality of sound remains approximately the same, no matter if you place them indoors or outdoors.

They come in great designs

You can pick from a simple ball, UFO shaped, or even a Death Star for the geeks out there. The alternatives are endless, and the fact that they levitate makes them a lot more appealing. Already visually great, most of them have LED lights incorporated. A blue, red or white light will appear when they are connected through Bluetooth and levitating. IT can get better than this, we promise. If you order the Star Wars inspired one, you get an exact replica of the Death Star. The details are amazing, and your friend will surely appreciate it, if they do appreciate the series.

They have great technology

Even rookies will find fascinating the levitating process. But the nerds out there will be astonished by it. Maybe the process is quite simple, nevertheless interesting. The levitating process is accomplished with two opposing earth magnets, one inside the speaker, another in the base. After using the levitation setup tool and turning on the device, you can enjoy the view.

They are versatile

Because of the fact that you can connect them via Bluetooth, you can profit from the music you enjoy, regardless of the context. Connect your smartphone or tablet, select the music and have a great party!

With great appearance and a flawless sound, levitating speakers might be one of the best choices in terms of devices for the techies out there. The sound is loud and clear enough to fill an entire room, generally, there are plenty of models you can pick from and the stores commercializing them are also many. However, pay attention to them, because many have more qualitative products than others do.