Top of the Line Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are without a doubt a fantastic way to have lots of fun. Increasingly more children, teenagers, and even adults go for them these days. If you don’t own one at the moment, but you would like to get a unit like this in the near future, then you can take the necessary inspiration from the following top of the line electric skateboards.

ZBoard 2 blue

This is a top rated electric skateboard, one of the best you can find on the market today, and although it is expensive, it is surely worth the money for many reasons. The ZBoard 2 blue has a maxim speed of 20mpH and a range of 16 miles per charge. The high-speed 110v – 220v charger will actually recharge your full range in about 3.5 hrs so that you can continue your ride. This is actually the first electric skateboard that has a built-in front and rear lighting. The custom lenses of this unit focus the headlights on the road, while the tail lights spread out the beam. This will make you as visible as possible, which means that you will avoid unpleasant accidents.

Inboard M1

If you are looking for some top of the line electric skateboards, then you must definitely take into account the Inboard M1. What you will absolutely like about this model is that you can actually utilize it like a traditional skateboard without the need to turn on the motor. Thanks to the 14-pound figure and swappable battery system, you will be able to jump from one 90-minute session to the next within seconds. The unit features a Bluetooth connectivity, a 10-mile range, and a regenerative braking feature.

FiiK Big Daddy

This model is cheaper than the other presented earlier, but it still is a fantastic one. It has a long wheelbase, and more clearance actually means more off-road versatility. A max load of 300 lbs is allowed, and the unit has a carry handle so that it can be carried with ease. Other features that the FiiK Big Daddy has, are: controller-activated-braking, ABS braking, the regenerative technology that helps increase ride time, and anti-lock. Once the unit is completely charged, you can ride it for about 15 miles.