Responsive web design – golden rules to follow


Web design is not only about making a website look pretty and attractive. There are other more important elements that designers have to consider and some very good examples are usability, functionality and visual design. Nowadays every business, regardless of the industry in which it operates, must have a website, since this is the best and fastest method to keep clients close. However, it is essential to work only with professional web design companies such as JCSL Ltd in order to benefit from great results. Here are some of the most important rules to follow in web design.

Design using real content

Chances are you have entered at least once a website that had the Lorem Ipsum text instead of real information about the specific company. This type of content is usually used to double the amount of text written on the site so that Google can see it and place it upper in the results page. But this type of content is useless and does not bring any good to a company and its site. It is essential to include real content on the site from the very beginning. People are interested in relevant information about the company such as contact details, history, employees and types of services and products it provides.

Site’s usability

One of the most important aspects designers have to pay attention to when creating a website is related to its usability. It is impossible to predict the experience each user will have browsing the site, especially in the case of mobile experience. Users can use not only mobiles to browse a website, but also tablets, laptops or even Smart TVs. For each case scenario, it is essential the designer to consider making the site usable for different types of devices. According to experts from highly reputed web design Cyprus companies, website’s navigation is one of the biggest challenges. In the case of mobile navigation for instance, it is advisable to introduce jump links or drop-down menus. Also, designers should consider going for task-oriented mobile layouts by focusing on the best content strategy.

Do not forget about performance

Nobody can predict who the next user of a company’s website will be, what connection or device they will use or how they intend to use the website. This is the reason why specialists have to design responsive websites considering performance. Waiting for too long when accessing a website is one of the most annoying things, which is why designers have to focus on providing the site with fast loading time. Constantly improving the site’s reliability and performance will also make the user build trust in the specific company. It is also crucial to have responsive images that load very fast, regardless of the device people use to access the website.

All things considered, these are some of the most important rules that need to be considered in the process of designing a website responsively. Keep in mind that if you want to benefit from a website that attracts large number of users, you have to look for professional designers that have several years of experience in the industry and know exactly what steps to take to meet your expectations.