Facts about online security: MFA in the spotlight

What a marvelous world this is! With a simple click on the mouse you are welcomed into the complex and complicated world of information. You can find out anything about anyone. There are no secrets online, no hidden information. This is what makes the Internet so interesting and almost obsessive. However, even though the Internet was made to control, something has changed. In time gaining a few rules, getting back that control and maybe limiting freedom or at least keeping it under close supervision might be a good idea. The truth is that it is quite difficult to control everything that happens, but you can protect yourself. You can control yourself and allow no one else to do this. Control is the keyword here and a very simple way to give it the proper frame and use it in your best interest is to make use of MFA. Take a look at the Avatier’s Multi-Factor Authentication and you will understand everything better.  Here are a few interesting fact about this highly appreciated feature.


MFA: a modern invention


It is true that the Internet has only recently reached adulthood, but attacks on its users are even younger. This idea is modern and people have yet to find a solution to protect themselves. MFA is a shield that as not been around forever. It was in 2005 that the US government understood the threat exiting in the online market and took action, imposing financial institutions to create a solid, secure environment. It took another 5 years before Google brought something completely new to the table. The search engine introduced the two-step verification process. This strengthens the idea of protection, of a secure password. It was in 2013 that the fingerprint era came, which is quite interesting if you think about it. Nowadays. In 2017, after a year with ups and down for Twitter, for instance, from a security point of view, more and more institution and companies have began investing in security features.

Benefits come flooding in


It is very simple to imagine that an investment of this magnitude will be rewarded, heavily, some might add. When deciding to invest in MFA, you get a higher security level and without adding extra costs. Plus, the trust customers have in your services increases, because they feel that everything that is connected to them, from financial transactions to personal details, is much better protected. Trust is definitely an aspect that can turn out to be quite profitable.  


A trend for the future


There are no signs that virtual, online attacks are going to disappear. In fact, the signs seem to tell you that they are just about to get stronger and much more intense. Therefore, it is said that this year, everyone will switch to MFA, which is a very good idea. Be the first to make this radical change and stay ahead of your competition. You will feel the difference.


MFA has plans to take over the world and it has all the signs working in its favor.