What services can you outsource to a virtual assistant?


In today’s world, technological advances have made people’s lives a lot easier and the thing that has the most influence on them is the Internet. With the Internet at your fingertips, managing a business, regardless of the industry in which it operates, has never been easier, especially because now you can outsource some of the services of your company to other companies that are located across the globe and communicate with each other via the Internet. Look for virtual assistants that provide this type of services in Singapore for instance. Here are a couple of examples on how they can help you.

Secretarial services

One of the areas within your company that experts find worth outsourcing is the secretarial service. An outsource company that provides this type of service will ensure your business stays within the laws and legal requirements available in your country, thus protecting you from getting any fines, penalties or repercussions that may affect your business. In case you need a company secretary, do some research on the Internet first to learn which ones are the best in this field and which ones should be avoided.


Another type of service you can outsource to a virtual assistant is related to bookkeeping. For someone who lacks both knowledge and experience in this field, keeping tabs on bills and dealing with many other bookkeeping matters is nothing but a bargain. A virtual assistant will effortlessly take care of everything and ensure things run smoothly within the company.

Online research

Virtual assistants can also help you with Internet research such as finding information on various types of corporate sites, vetting potential business partners or employees, exploring different new products and so on. If you decide to outsource online research services to another company, make sure you provide them with clear instructions from the very beginning, as well as correct passwords and user names in order for those virtual assistants to have access to some specialty search tools.

Creating data presentations

Sometimes, creating a Power Point presentation can be quite a bargain and take you a great deal of time. If you are a busy person that has countless things to take care of on a daily basis, sitting in front of the computer for several hours just to create a delightful and well-organized Power Point presentation is nothing but a nightmare. Consider outsourcing this to a virtual assistant as well and let them have this thing done on your behalf.

Handling social tasks

Virtual assistants can be of great help when it comes to handling different social tasks as well. Writing holiday cards to employees and business partners, sending thank you notes or any other similar tasks can take up a lot of time. These social chores have become a common and necessary assignment, which is why so many business owners decide to outsource these tasks to virtual assistants.

Keep in mind that these are only a few examples of services you can outsource to virtual assistants. Ensure the one you hire is a reliable and professional one.