Online platforms you must include in your next online marketing campaign


Nowadays, the Internet has made things a lot easier for people. News travel at the speed of light due to the World Wide Web, people can close deals and establish long-term business partnerships via Skype and all information one needs, regardless of the topic, is only one click away. In the business world, a company cannot reach success if it is not properly marketed and digital advertising has a highly important role here. Next time you build your online marketing campaign do not forget to take advantage of these online platforms as well.


Facebook is a well-known online platform that made its way through the Internet in 2004. Ever since, more and more people have joined this community and started to share here everything they found interesting on various sites. Since it is accessed by millions of people on a daily basis, marketers have started to see a great business opportunity in it and decided to include this platform in their online marketing campaigns, so you should do it as well. It is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and simplest ways you can reach out to a large number of people and promote the services and products your company provides. Whether you decide to simply post the information there and wait for people to “Like” it, or you opt for pay-per-click campaigns, it is for sure that Facebook will make a huge impact on your campaign.


Instagram was first designed as an online platform where people can share photos and videos on interesting things that surrounds them. Over time though, it has also become a powerful tool for marketing agencies, as they started to include it more and more in their campaigns. Just as in the case of Facebook campaigns, you can use Instagram to let your followers know about the latest products or services released by your company, about the benefits or resorting to you instead of another competitor on the market and on keeping your potential and existing customers close to you.


Twitter is another online platform that should not miss from any online marketing campaigns. Designed as an online news and social networking platform, you can post various messages, also known as “tweets” and interact with your customers. Keep in mind though that the messages are restricted to a specific number of characters, 140 to be exact. This means that your messages should be powerful, have meaning and impact the audience enough for them to want to learn more about your company.


An online marketing campaign is not complete without LinkedIn. This social networking service has the advantage that is both business and employment-oriented and, just like in the case of previously mentioned online platforms, it can be accessed via websites or mobile apps. It is mostly utilized for professional networking: job seekers that decide to share their CVs and employers looking for potential candidates for their job vacancies. However, you can also use this platform to share information on your company in order for customers to get familiar with the services you provide.