Wearable technology and how can it help you win a personal injury case


Innovative wearable technology is part of many individual’s lives nowadays, and luckily, it proves itself useful beyond the great advantage of counting calories and sleep cycles. And because almost everybody is the happy owner of a fitness wristband or an Apple watch, the advantages offered by this kind of technology stretch far beyond the individual good. Below we have some ways in which this type of technology can help you win a personal injury case, if necessary, when necessary.

Functions that go beyond tracking calories

For those trying to lose weight or simply keep a close eye on their calorie budget, smartwatches and fitness bands offer immense advantages. But their utility goes beyond counting calories burned, being a great helper when it comes to getting in touch with a bicycle accident lawyer, for instance. When making a personal injury claim, the data recorded by these amazing pieces of technology can easily get the attention of both medical staff and insurance companies. This wearable technology, could help multiple parties, in fact, to determine the severity and extent of the injuries suffered during the accident and help you have a faster recovery, not to mention a faster injury claim process.

For instance, after an injury suffered in an accident, the data recorded can be used to compare your daily habits that preceded the injury to those after it, and this can be used as evidence in court. Moreover, these pieces of technology will show all disruptions that occurred after the injury in terms of mobility and sleeping patterns. Based on these patterns, therapists can offer a more detailed evaluation of your health and might make the personal injury case favorable to you.  In fact, a court in Canada accepted the data offered by a smart wristband, Fitbit, to be more exact, as a determinant of how much the injured persons’ mobility was reduced after an accident. Nonetheless, the results were favorable to the person in discussion, after the data was analyzed by a dedicated software company.

The help of a medical expert will be needed

The data gathered by wearable technology will certainly help you in a personal injury case, but it will be necessary to have the information backed up by a medical expert. While the device will offer the data regarding the impact of the accident on the claimant’s health, a medical expert will have to confirm that what has been registered on it is, in fact, true.

If you ever thought that such devices are a waste of money, think again. Even if you don’t show a great interest in keeping a close eye on your calories or daily steps, these devices might help you when you need it most: in case of an unpleasant accident, as these can incline the balance in your advantage. If you want to benefit from the help that these devices might bring in various cases, make sure to invest in a good brand, however.