How technology can alter people’s privacy


Have you ever wondered if technology does have an impact on your privacy? Since it developed so much during the past few years, technology reached a threshold where it is capable to alter the society’s privacy. The fact that private life is very important to most people out there, tracking and eventually exposing it through technology can have serious consequences. This is the reason why society needs to be educated related to the possible threats that tech brings into people’s lives. Being permanently followed by the devices that you own and a connection to the internet can actually be consuming and tiring. Sometimes, you can agree to shady terms and conditions related to privacy without even acknowledging it. This article is meant to expose the impact tech has on your privacy and make you aware of both the advantages and disadvantage of this situation.

You can reach out to people easier

Starting with an idea that can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. Reaching out to people easier is an advantage because you no longer have to involve lots of efforts in meeting and getting to know a person. Most of a person’s contact details are now available on social media. When building a social media profile, you are asked to introduce some of your contact details, like your email or your telephone number. Then, you have the chance to tell as much about you as you desire. The same goes for smartphones.

Did you ever want to find out who’s number is it when you receive a call? Well, there are now both software programs and websites that could help you with that. As long as the other person has an account and makes their phone number and name public, you can find out his or her identity. People perceive this fact as both beneficial and not, but if paying lots of attention to the websites and connections you trust, everything should be fine.

Your private life can be exposed

The other side of the story refers to cyber attacks and hackers. Nowadays, everyone owns a laptop or a smartphone. Without the right security measurements, people risk having their private life invaded. Laptops are very easy to hack since malware is easy to infiltrate into their system. Most hackers destroy or steal private information stored on laptops and smartphones. It can be about personal pictures, credit card info, or even live transmissions from your webcam/front camera. Being exposed in your most private moments can be extremely dangerous because hackers can use such material as a blackmailing tool.

What you make public can be stolen

There is another risk to it – having your content stolen. Once you make something public, you are basically agreeing to the fact that this material can be stolen and used by someone else. It is, of course, illegal and you’re still the owner of this content, but the consequences of such actions are numerous and difficult to cope with.