The creative process changed – everything goes digital


Technology can be extremely helpful for people if used the right way. Of course, as any other existent thing in this world, it also has downsides. Let’s say you are a creative person and you like doodling all the time. Is it okay for you to switch to a more digital method of creation? Think about all the graphics tablets available out there. Would you be capable to transfer your talent into the digital world? The creative process suffered tremendous changes (which are not necessarily negative, of course). The tools people can use at the moment to create pieces of artwork are much more diverse compared to what artists used in the past. Taking advantage of what the digital world offers us and concentrating all of our resources to maintaining ourselves productive should be the purpose of creative people today.

Few words, bigger impact

The creative process can be used for different kinds of work, but it is the most impactful when it comes to visuals. Writing also involves creativity and lots of knowledge, but it is not necessarily influenced by tech. When writing an article, the only benefit of technology is that you can edit the document faster, you can print it whenever you desire, even if it includes complex images and the autocorrect tool will help you avoid spelling mistakes. Printing companies like Kiasu Print can transform anything digital into palpable objects. The creative process is still caught up in your mind and technology can’t do much about that yet.

On the other hand, when it comes to visuals things change. For instance, the unlimited number of brushes and colors you can use on a graphics tablet or a smart computer program is not comparable to the limited about of tools you can use in reality. First of all, consider your budget. You might not afford to buy all the tools you need to obtain the visual effect you have in mind. Technology can help you save both money and time through the instruments it offers you. Creating a logo for a company used to take a lot of time in the past, but all you have to do now is get creative and make a few clicks here and there. Find inspiration on and follow the latest trends if you want to build a career out of this. It is not difficult at all and it seems to be the most promising thing you can do in an era of digital work.

Illustrators and their unlimited imagination

The same goes for people who like to expose their thoughts visually. Illustrators are the ones who can transform words into actual pictures by drawing. Now that they have enough resources to do exactly what they want with color, lines, shapes and so on, the possibilities are unlimited. The only obstacle sitting in the way of creation is yourself and the way you use your imagination. Try to remember that it is never too late to learn something new, and technology is not impossible to master, regardless of how old you are.