Quick tips for turning your basement into a game room

Are you tired of entertaining friends and family in the living room, where they don’t all fit on the couch and the neighbors frequently complain about the noise? In that case, there’s a space in your home that can be given a complete makeover and transformed into a fun place where everyone can play games and socialize without worrying about space and noise: the basement. That’s right – that part of the house where people usually store all sorts of junk and are afraid to come down at night can become your new favorite space. Here’s how:

A little something for everyone

You never know what games you might want to play, which is why a game room should be equipped with several options to cater for every taste:

  • A pool table
  • Darts
  • A gaming PC/console with comfortable gaming chairs
  • A foosball table
  • A board game table
  • A minibar for refreshments

Don’t worry if you can’t add all of these at the same time. Start off with the games you play most often and add the rest in time.

If your basement is already crammed, it’s a good idea to first take everything out, apply a fresh coat of paint and use this opportunity to do a good clean-up. You can always rent a self storage Victoria unit for the large items that don’t fit anywhere in the house but you don’t want to throw away.

Insulate the basement

While you’re are the part of taking everything out, it’s also a good idea to inspect the insulation or add a new layer if the old one no longer delivers. This will push the completion of your project a couple of weeks, but will help you in many ways:

  • Noise insulation. You can have a heated game night with friends without worrying that you’ll wake up the kids
  • Thermal insulation. Basements are usually cold, damp spaces, so by adding a new layer of insulation you won’t have to worry about catching a cold
  • Protection from humidity. A poorly insulated basement runs the risk of flooding and leaks, which doesn’t go well with wiring and electronics. Plus, you also rule out mold and mildew.

Adjustable lighting

Basements don’t get natural light, so it’s up to you to make sure the room has good lighting. However, not all games require the same type of light, so it’s a good idea to invest in multiple lighting sources or adjustable lamps. For example, if you’re playing a board game, then you definitely need a source of strong natural light, but if you’re playing a game on a console, dim lights are the best. Although neon lights look cool, use them just as wall decorations, because they become tiring on the eyes after a few hours.