Smart Refrigerators with Innovative Technologies

The smart kitchen appliances that are currently available on the market at a relatively low price, can provide us with many benefits. The most important kitchen appliance that we use on a day to day basis is the refrigerator, so when it comes to choosing a smart refrigerator you should pay attention at what it has to offer. In this following article, we will help you find a smart refrigerator that includes convenient features and innovative technologies.

Samsung French Door RF28HMELBSR

What makes the Samsung French Door RF28HMELBSR the top choice among other refrigerator models is the fact that it’s considered to be one of the most sleekest and spacious smart refrigerator that you can find on today’s market. This particular model offers a 28-cubic feet capacity so you can easily store up to 28 bags of groceries inside. The Twin Cooling Plus technology is extremely innovative, as it capable of reducing the humidity in the fresh food section and help your vegetables and meat to stay fresh for longer. The Samsung French Door RF28HMELBSR includes an 8″ Wi-Fi LCD screen that allows you to access apps or surf the internet right on the refrigerator door, so what more could you wish for?

GE GNS23GSHSS French door Smart Refrigerator

Our next choice is the GE GNS23GSHSS that is loaded with plenty of innovative features. This french door refrigerator has a sleek and modern designed, fitted for a modern kitchen and comes with a water and ice dispenser, adjustable glass shelves, quickly freeze shelf and dual level lighting. Furthermore, the temperature controls are located at the front of the refrigerator so that you can easily adjust the temperature controls with the simple touch of a button. The multi-flow air system was designed to maintain an optimal amount of air flow that travels to all sections of the fridge to keep the food fresh.

LG Smart ThinQ LFX31995ST

If you are trying to find a good quality french door refrigerator that offers more than 30 cubic feet capacity, the LG Smart ThinQ LFX31995ST could be the perfect choice for you. This refrigerator comes with a total of 31 cubic feet capacity: 10 in the freezer and 21 in the fresh food section. Even though this model is large, you can store all of your food in different drawers that have different temperatures thanks to a new technology called the “Glide and Serve”. What’s important to mention here is the fact that the LG Smart ThinQ LFX31995ST comes with an 8-inch LCD screen that serves multiple purposes. Besides acting as a control panel, you can also use it as an organizational hub.