Most Important Features of Security Systems

When considering the security of your home, two security systems are extremely effective in providing you the security level you need. These systems are the security camera and the garage door opener, two devices that can keep intruders away from your home. To make sure the ones you choose are the best, there are some important features they must include.

Most important features of security cameras

Security cameras are designed to keep your home safe from intruders at all time, whether you are at home or not. Their efficiency and ease of use are influenced by a series of features that increase their performance and make them suitable for any type of house.

  • Night vision

It’s important to keep an eye on your home not only in daylight but also at night when the visibility decreases and there are more chances of being at risk from burglars. This is why it’s essential for a security camera to include a night vision that will allow it to detect possible intruders in plain dark. The infrared lens of the camera is responsible for the night vision, so make sure the camera you choose has a quality lens.

  • Motion detection

Good security cameras include a motion detection feature that uses sensors to detect any strange and unexpected motion. This feature is useful for areas of your house with low traffic that you want to make sure stay safe from intruders. The motion detector sensor will only activate the camera when it senses movements in the area.

  • Remote viewing

The latest security cameras offer you peace of mind even when you are not at home thanks to the remote viewing feature that allows you to watch live footage of your home. This feature enables you to connect to the security camera from your smartphone or computer so you can have access to the images captured at home at all times.

Most important features of garage door openers

A garage door opener is a great way to conveniently open and close your garage door, without having to get out of the car. However, the best garage door opener, will come not only with great convenience features, but also with excellent safety features.

  • Rolling code technology

The majority of the garage door openers designed today include this smart technology that releases new codes every time the door is opened so the code will not be stolen nor the door will be opened with another remote.

  • Manual release

This feature makes sure you will be able to operate the garage door in case the power runs out so the garage will not remain unlocked or you won’t be able to open it. However, the best garage door opener will come with a battery back up, which will allow it to work, for several hours after a power outage.

  • Sensors

It’s very important that the garage door opener does not pose a risk to your safety by hitting you on its way down, so sensor beams are essential in detecting the objects that cross under the door.