Advantages of Using a Parse Server for Building Apps

There was a time, when developers had to write hundreds of lines of code for basic app features. Nowadays, there are many app features that have been standardized, and this created the opportunity for a backend as a service solution: Parse. It was a huge improvement for the app development market, and even though the initial Parse no longer exists, there are many solutions that still offer the same features. So if you are planning on building an app, you should forget all about the manual labor and use an open source Parse server. Here are its main advantages:

Plan in advance

At the moment, you may think that it would be wiser to develop your app just for the local market. For example, if you live in the USA, there isn’t much of a point of developing an app for Android, since most Americans use iPhones. However, if your app becomes successful internationally, you will have to design for new platforms, preferably as quickly as possible. You can easily do this if you use a Parse server, because this solution allows you to easily customize the foundation of your app, to make it suitable for other operating systems.

Save time and money

As we already mentioned, if you don’t use a backend as a service solution, you will practically have to start developing your app from scratch, every time you plan on accessing a new market. This is very time consuming, and it is a waste of money. You will have to hire a team to get the job done quickly, before your app’s popularity buzz wears off. This will cost even more money, and you will also have to deal with a lot of errors in the new app.

Manage your app more easily

A parse server solution will feature a dashboard that allows you to easily manage your app.  You can make modifications to the API without having to write any code and you can easily view analytics or push notifications.

A better user experience

For starters the Parse solution already comes with plenty of features that offer a better user experience. For example, it gives the users the possibility to sign up or login with a social account, instead of having to complete a signup form. Moreover, automatic emails will allow you to build a relationship with your customers. Not only that, but all the time that you will be saving by using this solution, can be better used by focusing on improving the user experience.